When it comes to the 27-year history at Prestonwood Country Club, Membership Director Vickie Gregory is one of the most knowledgeable people around.  Gregory has been an employee since the earliest stages of Prestonwood and has great memories of how the Club has transformed into the beautiful facility we all enjoy today. 

Vickie started working for the Club in February of 1988. She had previously been an onsite real estate agent when she heard about the Membership Director position and decided to apply… 25 years later, she is still a vital part of our community.  Upon her arrival, membership at Prestonwood was just over 200 strong.  Fast forward 25 years, and Prestonwood now boasts over 1,800 members, most of whom were greeted and welcomed by Vickie.

Her descriptions of the early days are hard to imagine for those new to the area.  The facilities members enjoy today are a drastic enhancement from the modest 34,000 square foot building that opened in August 1988.  Vickie’s original sales office was located in a mobile trailer across the street from where the clubhouse stands today.  “The only commercial business within proximity at that time was a country store, called ‘Jacks’ at the corner of Davis Drive and High House”, said Gregory. “At that time, the only subdivision was Preston Point.  It’s amazing to think how much Cary has grown in just 27 years.”

Just as Cary has grown, Prestonwood has experienced incredible improvements and expansion over the last 27 years.  The pool was located just outside of where the General Manager’s office is today,” said Gregory. “The snack bar was located in what is now the accounting office.  The tiny “fitness room” inside the main clubhouse, was a big deal at the time, because we were one of the first clubs to offer exercise equipment.”

 The golf courses have undergone vast expansion as well.  “I remember when Prestonwood offered 27 holes of golf, rather than the 54 we enjoy today,” said Gregory. “We also had four par-3 practice holes affectionately called the ‘Wee Links’, which were popular for those who wanted to play a few holes after work.” 

Even after 27 years, Vickie still truly enjoys working at Prestonwood.  “What I like best about my job is meeting so many people that have come from all over the United States.  When I talk with them I can truly say that Cary is a wonderful place to live, work, raise a family and… Prestonwood is where Cary comes to Play!”

Vickie, originally hailing from Kinston, North Carolina, has been a resident in the Triangle for over 38 years. She graduated from Atlantic Christian College with a BS in Art and joined the Prestonwood County Club staff in February of 1988.