A Corporate Membership at Prestonwood can be a great recruitment tool for your company, as well as a token of appreciation to dedicated employees. A corporation must purchase a minimum of two Prestonwood memberships, each of which are given to a designee and their family.

Membership Details
The first membership must be purchased at the highest classification, our Full Golf level. The corproation must pay 100% of the initiation fee for that membership at the time of joining. The second membership may be at the Full Golf, Tennis, or Social level, and the corporation must pay 75% of the intiation fee. Any subsequent memberships may be purchased at 50% of the initiation fee, for any level of membership. 
Corporations are required to verify employees’ full-time/exempt status prior to the aforementioned discounted rate being honored by Prestonwood Country Club.

Additional Employee Benefit
After the corporation purchases three memberships, any full-time employee has the option to purchase any level of membership for 50% of the intiation fee, including those who qualify for our Young Professional and Legacy memberships.

Should an employee terminate their employment with the corporation, the membership will belong to the employee and their family. 

If you are interested in receiving more information about our corporate membership, please complete and submit the form below. Our Member Relations Coordinator Caroline Broach will follow-up with you shortly.