Prestonwood's Hospitality Partnership grants access to a select number of corporations for the use of entertaining clients during the week (Tues. - Fri.) over the course of one year. The package is customizable based on desired amenity usage and budget.

Corporate Hospitality Details

The corporate hospitality partnership includes the waiving of initiation fees and monthly dues while granting access to a predetermined and specified amount of Club activities and amenities for approved individuals from the corporation for the purpose of entertaining clients. An account representative for the company is required to schedule inventory usage as far in advance as reasonably possibly.

Example: $10,000/Annual
(48) 18-Hole Rounds
(2) 4-Hour Golf Clinics (12 student maximum)
(30) Weekday Lunch Buffet (11:30 am - 2 pm; Tues. - Fri.)
Waiving of Room Rental Fees for Private Event Hosting

*Please Note: This partnership does not include membership rights of any kind to the Club. Inventory usage is restricted to weekday usage only (Tues. - Fri.) and is based on inventory availability that does not conflict with member usage. After the partnership concludes after a 365 period, any unused inventory will be forfeited without entitlement to a refund.

If you are interested in receiving more information about our corporate hospitality package, please complete and submit the form below. Our Member Relations Coordinator Caroline Broach will follow-up with you shortly.