Prestonwood Country Club has built a strong reputation of quality on the Champions Tour with some of the greatest legends of the game. Both officially and unofficially earning honors for best food on Tour, an idiom has never held so true as the best way to influence a man is through his stomach.

World Golf Hall of Fame member Larry Nelson best explained the parallels of the quality of food with the quality of the SAS Championship field. “People ask me how I set my schedule every year, and I say it's by the food, and the hospitality and this is one of the first ones on my list. They do a great job here and we're always happy to come back.” As a self-proclaimed ‘foodie,’ defending champion Bernhard Langer called the event his favorite on Tour because of the outstanding food. Past Champion Kenny Perry believes “the food is unbelievable, so we're spoiled here...  to me this is one of the lead Champions Tour events out here and it's always great to come back!”

Working on his fourth SAS Championship, Prestonwood Executive Chef Scott Rowe is quite familiar with the Tour players having previously worked for TPC Clubs including stints at Avenel and Wakefield Plantation. “What is very cool for me this week is that I used to feed most of these guys when they were on the PGA TOUR,” said Rowe. “It’s like we have all graduated to the Champions Tour together. ”

Some sheer statistics might help to quantify the enormity of the food and beverage operation at Prestonwood during the SAS Championship.  For the seven-day week, Rowe’s team served breakfast to over 1,300 guests and lunch fair to over 2,500. Their food orders included 1,200 lbs. of beef, 10,000 lbs. of pork, 1,200 lbs. of poultry, 7,000 pieces of shrimp, 400 lbs. of fresh caught seafood and 2,500 eggs.

New player favorites for breakfast included homemade Shrimp & Grits and Corned Beef Hash. To pay homage to the many different nationalities represented on Tour, Rowe’s team planned months in advance to offer a daily themed lunch buffets including an Italian themed buffet featuring Chicken Saltimbocca and Beef Braciola with Sweet Pea Risotto. Official Pro-Am rounds on Wednesday and Thursday are Rowe’s busiest days serving nearly 1,000 guests with Mexican and Asian inspired foods including Carved Carne Asada, Grilled Tamarind Shrimp, Stir Fried Pepper Steak and Miso Glazed Salmon. The first two days of official featured ‘Best of New Orleans’ and ‘Southern Soul Food’ cuisine.

Maintaining a greatly anticipated tournament tradition, Rowe’s final tournament duty for the week is ‘Lobster Tail Sunday.’ As a show of appreciation and an enticement for a promised return, the players enjoy their last tantalizing meal that includes 150 lbs. of Lobster Tails, Prime Rib and Prestonwood’s famed Fish & Chips.

Global Golf Post October 14, 2013
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